With Python3.6+ you can leverage the power of high performant python web framework — FastAPI. Python developers have always been curious and willing to jump towards Asynchronous way of programming their APIs.

Well, FastAPI has already done it. It is super easy to build asynchronous APIs using this web framework…

Top 5 sites to learn for free by Varun Singh

Microsoft Azure is a great cloud computing platform and if you’re looking to learn some new skills in Azure or want to show value to a potential or existing employer, now is the time to seize the opportunity to learn Azure without investing a single penny.

Learning always helps to…

AWS is becoming a pioneer when it comes to Cloud Computing. It is already generating opportunities and it is only smart for us to have some knowledge in this technology.

As a beginner myself, I would always refrain from paying to learn something new. When I started with AWS, I…

A Virtual Environment is a python environment, that is an isolated working copy of Python which allows you to work on a specific project without affecting other projects.

So basically it is a tool that enables multiple side-by-side installations of Python, one for each project.

Creating virtual environment in Linux

If pip is not in…

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